State-of-the-art data
centre security

The security of your digital information and physical equipment is our highest priority. Our buildings are monitored 24/7 by CCTV, while biometric security measures ensure access cards can only be used by the authorised holder.

To further enhance protection of your property, our newer racks offer electronic rack door handles which eliminate the need for physical keys entry, restrict access down to individual racks, and allow our team to log and monitor access – 24/7.

We have also introduced smaller ¼ and ½ racks that feature high-end security to provide flexible options and peace of mind for our clients. These more compact racks provide flexible options for those with smaller equipment requirements, but a need for secure, lockable server space.

Power and redundancy planning

Disruptions to your server and data access can have serious impacts on the efficacy, productivity and revenue of your business. In the event of power interruptions from scheduled works or even natural disasters, Colocity’s data centre infrastructure is designed to deliver ongoing power distribution to ensure close to 100% uptime year round.

In addition to reinforcing our buildings against natural disasters such as fire or earthquakes, we have multiple backup power sources to provide uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for extended power outages. This includes battery backup for shorter power interruptions, and diesel generator backup on standby at all times to back up mains power.

Automatic transfer switches constantly monitor mains supply to immediately redistribute power sources in the event of an interruption. Redundancy systems undergo regular testing to ensure a fail-safe environment for your servers.


Maintaining a consistently cool environment for your server equipment allows for optimal operating conditions and longevity of your equipment. Our data centre infrastructure has been built to specifically combat the heat generated by servers with a mix of intelligent cooling options to stabilise temperatures and protect the functionality of your servers.

Floor mounted air handlers continually circulate and filter cold air through our facility which serves to remove any dust or contaminates, as well as to keep the temperature and humidity constant all year round.

As with our power systems, our cooling systems have a minimum N+1 redundancy to protect against equipment failure. This also allows regular maintenance of systems to be completed without any impact or disruption to conditions within the facility.

Save space, reduce downtime and future proof your business