Creating an energy efficient data centre

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

We all have a responsibility for the environment. At Colocity, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually looking for ways to improve our performance, business practices and energy outcomes.

5 ways we strive to be a green data centre

The very nature of data centres is energy intensive. However, by employing best industry practices, we have been able to reduce our environmental footprint and become a more energy efficient data centre.

Choosing low power equipment

When purchasing the equipment to run our Colocity data centres, we look at energy consumption and choose wisely to support our goal of being a green data centre.

Implementing intelligent lighting solutions

In addition to using low-energy lighting solutions, we use motion sensors throughout our data centre facilities to reduce energy consumption and heat generated.

Including renewable energy sources

With South Australia moving toward a 100% renewable energy grid, we have a great selection of suppliers using wind and solar power sources to choose from.

Using smarter cooling strategies

Taking a strategic approach to where and how our facilities are cooled means we maximise the impact of our cooling to reduce energy consumption.

Leveraging scale to reduce power use

Our data centres are purpose-built for server storage and operation. This effectively allows all our clients to reduce their own power consumption and energy footprint within their own business.

Industry-leading results

The combination of these strategies has resulted in Colocity achieving a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) score below 1.3.

A score of 1 is considered 100% energy efficient (that is, all energy is used by IT equipment with none lost through power distribution). According to a 2020 global survey by Uptime Institute, the average PUE score for modern data centres was calculated at 1.59, down from 2.5 in 2006.

We’re proud that our strategies to become an energy efficient data centre put us well ahead of the global average. Particularly when faced with the challenges of keeping our data centres cool throughout the very hot Australian summer months.

Futureproof your business and the environment with Colocity